Spike® did not originate from a desire to sell products, but from profound concerns and an unwavering commitment to ‘spike wellness, naturally.’ Thank you for your interest in our story!

In the ever-changing supplement landscape, we understand first-hand how challenging it can be to distinguish science from pseudoscience. Accordingly, we set up Trilogy Research as a boutique nutraceuticals company with a simple mission: to pursue evidence-based efficacy.

Following a life-changing motorcycle accident, our seasoned researcher had complete faith in the medical establishment that saved his life. Identified as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘immunocompromised,’ he trusted prevalent advice and promptly accepted mass interventions. Regrettably, he soon experienced unexpected chronic side effects and realised that many others faced similar challenges.

Compelled to find answers, he embarked on a collaborative research journey seeking the insights of frontline professionals and established authorities. However, the anticipation of open learning and free discourse was quickly overshadowed by the realisation that many esteemed experts, recognised for their lifelong dedication and contribution to public welfare, were being systematically muted.

This intensified the dedication to pursue data-driven, evidence-based conclusions. The meticulous inquiry that ensued over many months probed into tried and tested protocols, the potent influences of nutrition, and the power of natural remedies. This rigorous approach was often complemented by the invaluable advice, collective wisdom, and anecdotal experience of professional contacts, friends, and family.

Trilogy Research results from a shamelessly selfish desire to make a tangible impact on the long-term well-being of our own and that of our loved ones, driven by continual research of evolving scientific studies and expert findings. The name Trilogy® reflects Spike’s underlying triad focus on Antioxidation, Anti-Inflammation, and Anticoagulation.

Spike Complex® emerged from the frustrating challenges of consuming a plethora of expensive daily supplements. It strives to be a one-stop foundational formulation – a synergistic all-in-one blend of complementary ingredients, optimising efficacy, absorption, value, and convenience – the culmination of extensive research and Trilogy’s Relentless Quest for The Best.

Spike Complex® is anchored in empirical evidence and personal experience. It reflects Trilogy’s solid commitment to continual, research-driven product development, with the long-term well-being of discerning consumers at the forefront. Our current focus is on collaborative learning with and from the experiences of professional practitioners, specialist nutritionists, as well as individual journeys. We’re dedicated to ongoing evolution and innovation, relying primarily on word of mouth, transparency, and feedback from results every step of the way.

Thank you for reading about us; we would love to hear about your story and to support you on your well-being journey.

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